Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FIREBUG - Addon of Firefox to View WebPage Source

I just started developing a webpage for my college project and was browsing through the net for some really good web interfaces.
I even came across quite a few web-pages, and tried to get the source code from the standard Tools>> WebDeveloper >> Source Code Menu.

Though getting the code was easy, getting which part of the code corresponded to which part if the webpage was very taxing.

After racking my brain through a number of websites, one of my friends suggested an awesome addon of firefox that can help you to understand the code of a webpage.

its called FIREBUG!!

All you need to do is add the Add-On to firefox, and click on whichever object's code you wish to see in the webpage.

The code corresponding to the tool gets displayed at the bottom of the page, and even if there is .css associated with the page, you can view that in the other page that is opened.

Ill elaborate on my findings after exploring more on Firebug.

Till then ... bbye!

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