Sunday, May 20, 2012

Passwordless ssh into a server

You have a machine to which you have to login all the time. and that includes entering your password to authenticate yourself to the server. Taxing! isint it??

A simple quirk is to make yourself "known" to the server so that it doesnt ask you to authenticate yourself everytime you login to the server...

2 steps , thats all you need baby!

* ssh-keygen
* ssh-copy-id <servername>

Consider Host A and Host B. Host A is your local computer and Host B is your Server.

'''On Host A'''
this will create two keys id_rsa and in your local machine.

'''On Host A'''
this will copy the file into the authenticate keys. Done!

Now try ssh ing into the Server... see the difference !! (No password required !!)

==Don Jaffer==

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