Thursday, May 2, 2013

Templates in C [Macros!]

Today I faced this problem of writing a generalized function in C that would accept a "configurable" type of argument. i.e. the function should be able to accept any kind of argument that I pass to it, and it should be able to do something with it (say print the value of the argument passed).

What I wanted could easily be done in C++ using TEMPLATES; create a function with a signature

void foo(class Template <T> x){
     cout << "x" << "\n";
     return ;

This cannot be done in C, as it is a middle level language (yes I said it! if you do not agree, go learn C++ STL :P ).

Now, there is NO (absolutely NO) way you can do function/operator overloading in C, hence we resort to finding workarounds... say what? macros biaatch!

MACROS - a coders nemesis -

1. Its difficult to write  a macro.
2. Its even more difficult to read a program with macros, you practically end up expanding the whole macros in your notebook / as comments in your code.
3. CSCOPE /CTAGS dont work on MACROS. you end up using grep instead to find out the exact place where the macro gets expanded.

Then Why do we still use it:
1. Makes ur code compact.
2. 1st reason is enough.

Without further ado, i present to you using macros to compactify (i just made that word up) your code.

consider the program :

int main(){
     return 0;

1. Program without a macro:

callPrint_int(int x){
     cout << x;

callPrint_float(float x){
     cout << x;

callPrint_char(char x){
    cout << x;

2. Program with a macro: 

#define callPRINT(T) \
    void callPRINT_##T(T x) { cout << x ; }

each of the above three lines give you basically functions in part 1. but look at how compact your code becomes. isn't she a beauty :P.



  1. Ha ha .... loved it !! What application were you working on, that required C?? It has been a decade that I have used C.

    1. Hi Hrushikesh!

      I wrote some code to create a nfs-type filesystem in userspace. the src can be viewed here::

      Also, if you get time, read about FUSE. :)

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